Friday, April 16, 2010

#IAgreewithNick and I did make a video to show it!

Oh my, I am astounded by my own ability to master technology - or at least follow step by step instructions from my technological guru, one Helen Duffett.

She suggested that it might be a good idea to post a small video to 12 Seconds TV explaining why I agreed with Nick. The words were easy - it was cutting them down to 12 seconds that would be the challenge. And as for video - well, as you know, I have a face for radio and no imagination. While Anna re-enacts Twilight with her Littlest Pet Shops, I just haven't got a creative bone in my body.

In the end I decided to just put my voice over the film of the last PEB, with Nick walking past Sarah Jane Smith's car in Sheffield. It's not Spielberg by any manner of means, but it's my first ever video posted to the internet. By the way, after the election, I may be persuaded to post the one I have of Stephen but we'll leave that one for the moment:-).

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Anonymous said...

I like the video, Caron. You can get this slogan on a tshirt don't you know! Have a look:



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