Saturday, April 10, 2010

#LibDems reveal policies to help all families

Last night the Conservatives revealed their much vaunted tax break for married couples - basically £3 a week (which my husband said wasn't enough - cheek!). It's been rightly called "patronising drivel that belongs in the Edwardian age" by Nick Clegg. He's already outlined how a tax break for married couples in principle lets down those who are widowed, or whose spouse leaves them, perhaps to marry someone else and get another tax break. The Tory plans are basically cynical tokenistic claptrap designed to appeal to the Daily Mail mindset and it appalle me that they can even think of wasting scarce public money on such a scheme.

I rather liked Lib Dem campaigner Nick Barlow's tweet on the subject:

"I wonder how many Tory MPs would have stayed with their first wives if they'd got a tax break"

In complete contrast, Nick Clegg today unveiled the Lib Dems' manifesto for families which would help all families, not just a few. These are a practical series of measures that show again that the Lib Dems understand what real life is like and comes up with relevant and practical ideas. The highlights include:

Making the tax system fairer, putting £700 back into the pockets of basic rate taxpayers and taking anyone earning less than £10,000 out of tax altogether. While Labour takes 50,000 people to court over their botched tax credit system.

Treating couples like grown ups and letting them choose the maternity/paternity leave arrangement that suits them

Giving all families up to 20 hours a week of free childcare, when we can afford it, for all children between 18 months and 5 years old.

Giving carers a guarantee of respite care.

An independent commission to find a long term solution to funding for care for the elderly so that they and their families don't have to live in fear of an uncertain future.

Using empty properties to create more affordable housing for the 1.8 million people who desperately need it.

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