Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Caron's Corkers 6th April

It's a new tax year - and this month we'll all feel the pain as our tax allowances stay the same and prices go up. I am studiously avoiding too much politics in this particular round up though - we'll get enough of that over the next month.

Well maybe just a little bit of politics, but all in a good cause - Lady Mark talks about his trip to help Willie Rennie retain Dunfermline and West Fife.

Sarah discusses how F1 could maybe take a leaf out of BTCC's book.

I could call Daddy Alex's and Millennium's pieces on the New Who reviews, but they're really works of art.

And Meemalee does a fantastically funny review of the first part of the Masterchef final.

And finally a little bit more politics as the lovely Mister Doctor Chocaholic tells us who's to blame  if the Digital Economy Bill goes through. That'll be the Labservatives, then. Mostly the Lab, but the servatives have their hand in it too.

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Phil said...

Yeah, no.

I honestly don't mind the Lib Dems trying and failing, I accept that their power is limited.

But this wasn't a case of trying and failing. Do you know how many Lib Dem MPs showed up for the debate yesterday? One. And the one who did show wasn't exactly vocal in his opposition.

I vote for the Lib Dems to be my voice on issues like this, but it's hard to see why I should do so in the future - yesterday there was far more opposition to the bill coming from the other two parties.


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