Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pre Manifesto Excitement

I'm sitting on the sofa with cup of tea waiting to tweet to my heart's content through our manifesto launch at 9.30.

I have the same sort of excitement that I normally reserve for a Formula One weekend. But then I've long said that Vince Cable is like our Ross Brawn.

I doubt that there will be many surprises in the ideas we offer. We make our policy decisions in public and debate them openly after all.

I think we'll see our 4 main points on fairer taxes, cleaning up politics, investment in schools and a green economy augmented by bold pledges to preserve our freedoms and ensure a sustainable, green future.

Regulation of CCTV, getting rid of ID cards, cutting detention without charge maximum time to 14 days.

On climate change our aim for a carbon neutral Britain by 2050. Sounds unbelievable. Look back to 1970 when there were no home computers, videos, microwaves, Internet to show what can be achieved in 40 years if you put your mind to it.

It all sounds good, meaningful stuff, knocking spots of Labour's Adventures in Teletubbyland or the Tories' hard bound Daily Mail!

I suspect I may return to this subject in more detail today..

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