Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chris Grayling was bad enough on gay rights - but look at the SNP's John Mason

Not much time at the moment, but you might like to have a look at this interview from the Guardian in which SNP candidate for Glasgow East outlines his rather controversial position on gay rights. You thought Chris Grayling was bad.......

Can you imagine any b and b owner saying to any of their guests that they can't share a bedroom and they have to guarantee that there will be no "carnality"?

This is the relevant section of the interview:

"I asked if he would agree with Chris Grayling's position – that the bed and breakfast owner had the right to turn them away. Mason's argument took a complicated turn at this point, raising the possibility of separate rooms and no carnality on the premises, but eventually he said, "It's a tricky one, I have to say. There's a conflict of rights. The truth is I'm not sure where I stand on this. I was warned to leave it alone by my party."

No wonder the SNP told him to keep his mouth shut on this issue.

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