Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Total Politics advise us to make our minds up

Remember 1981? There were riots, unemployment was sky rocketing, the Tory Government under Thatcher was hideously unpopular. I was 13 and being bullied badly at school and the only bright things in my life were the impending marriage of Charles and Diana and the wonderfully trashy primary coloured skirt ripping Eurovision winner from Bucks Fizz. Well, Iain Dale and his mates at Total Politics have used that song as the background to a very amusing video aimed at urging us all to get our backsides to the polls on May 6th. I have 2 comments to make. First, Lynne Featherstone is by far the star. That lady has rhythm and style. Second, in any other circumstance I'd suggest that Nadine Dorries doesn't give up her day job. Well, actually, I actually do think she should be deprived of her day job as an MP, but she is kind of like the drunk auntie at a wedding in this.........

Anyway, I find this time of day worst in my current state of health, so I hope you enjoy this wee pick me up.

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