Thursday, April 08, 2010

Labservatives force flawed Digital Economy Bill through

Liberal Democrat MPs as promised voted against the Government's flawed Digital Economy Bill last night but their opposition wasn't enough as Labour and Tories had stitched it all up between them. The Government had a majority of round about 140 and there are only 63 of us.

What I don't get was why the rush? It's not as if the sky was going to fall in if this didn't get passed now. It could have waited until the new Parliament was elected. There was huge opposition in the country to this measure, but it's never stopped Labour or the Tories rushing ahead with things before.

Matt made a good point about how utterly hypocritical both Labour and Tories have been on this issue. If it weren't for the fact that a really hideous, ill thought out law has been passed, you could almost thank the Labservatives for giving us a perfect backdrop to Nick Clegg's narrative about the real choice in this election being between 2 remote, arrogant, out of touch parties and the postive, fair people centred change offered by the Liberal Democrats.

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