Thursday, April 14, 2011

OMG, my baby was on the telly and I didn't know it...............

I am a very proud mummy tonight.

I am also a very bad mummy.

Imagine not realising your little girl was going to be on the telly.

I told you last August how she was interviewed by Channel 4 at the Dare to be Digital Awards in Edinburgh. Well, you would think I'd have been a bit more diligent about when it was going to be shown.

It was only when an e-mail from Dare dropped into my inbox this afternoon that I realised that it had gone out last Sunday at the crack of bloomin' dawn. It, is, luckily, on 4OD here.  The bit about the junior judges is between 8:54 and 10:10. I was amazed at how natural and relaxed she was in front of the camera and her enthusiasm for the whole thing comes across.

Well done, Anna.

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