Wednesday, April 06, 2011

What people are saying about the Scottish Liberal Democrats' Manifesto #sp11

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Just popped in on a hectically busy day to let you know what various papers and organisations have been saying about the Scottish Liberal Democrats' manifesto - which has been generally well received.

The Scotsman said our proposals were “bold”, “honest”, “sound” on support for business and, on Scottish Water, “an idea whose time has come”.

The Herald said it contained “a strong civil liberties section”. Admittedly, though, its leader writer had clearly dipped his keyboard in poison. The only cure for such bitterness is, I think, half an hour going through What the hell have the Lib Dems done? and then he's see just how much of our UK manifesto is being enacted in Government.

The journalist Hamish McDonnell told Radio Scotland that the manifesto was “a clever manifesto. It has done, or is starting to do, what the Lib Dems need it to. I think it's a good manifesto; it's got a good theme."

Typical to form, the Scottish Daily Mail went apoplectic about our proposals to tackle homophobic bullying. They didn't disapprove of our plans to tackle sectarianism which are based on pretty much the same principles. 

Newspapers are one thing, but charities and organisations who work in the fields closest to your heart are quite another because you really want them to think you're on the right lines - and that's pretty much happened.

The Federation of Small Businesses said it, “welcomes the drive to make business regulation more proportionate”.

WWF Scotland said, “The Liberal Democrat manifesto contains many commitments that would help secure a low-carbon future for Scotland,” and “we particularly welcome the strong commitments to introduce minimum standards of energy efficiency for homes”.

The charity Children in Scotland said, “Children in Scotland welcomes today’s commitment by the Liberal Democrats to significant investment in early years services and believes this is a move in the right direction”.

A small confession to make - the comment is all mine, but because I've put this together in about five minutes, I am indebted to my friend who did the legwork in digging out all the quotes. A big kiss in their direction - or, actually, a bottle of red would be more to their taste.....

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