Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tavish Scott's new take on politicians and babies #sp11

Politicians used to snuggle up to cute little babies to get sweet photos of them in the press.

Tavish Scott had an altogether different take on this sort of thing today when he delivered a cute baby lamb today. Although I don't think they're that cute when they're first born, and when you think of all the things that could have gone wrong, I think it was quite a brave thing for him to take on. Of course he's used to this sort of thing as he'll have delivered many lambs in Shetland over the years, but even so.........

Anyway, he's impressed my daughter, who loves baby lambs, although perhaps she doesn't share my more realistic perspective on them which normally involves, well, mint sauce.

The whole point of Tavish's visit today was to highlight the Liberal Democrat action plan on to boost the rural economy. I'm going to be honest and say that really don't know anything about farming - but you won't find two people who know more about it than Tavish Scott and Jim Hume, our leading South of Scotland list candidate who was also there. In that case, I'd better just shut up and leave the words to Tavish.

"Scotland's high quality food and drink is recognised worldwide and we will support the farmers who produce it. 
"Farms mean jobs in rural and island areas right across Scotland. Supporting our agricultural sector is essential to keeping communities alive, and local shops, schools and companies in business.
"Scotland's farmers and crofters need a government on their side, stopping the worst excesses of Europe and making sure our industry gets a fair crack in the market. Our action plan will help grow a successful rural economy for businesses, communities and families."
If you're interested in more details of our Rural and Island Economy Action plan, it's all on pages 37-40 of our manifesto, available here.

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Don said...

" stopping the worst excesses of Europe"
That's unusual. A Lib Dem finally admitting that the EU is bad for the UK.
Tavish will have to rein in that anti EU talk or Nick will be angry.
I'd love to know how Tavish would actually rein in Europe seeing as they can do whatever they like and we must follow their lead.


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