Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Richard Baker admits he got knife crime stats from the press #sp11

Yes, I know this was on Monday night, but if you haven't seen it, it's worth watching to see how little thought Labour have put into their flagship policy.

Labour say that knife crime in Scotland costs the NHS £500 million a year. An organisation called Straight Statistics, ironically set up by a Labour peer, has dismissed Labour's statistics as "a fantasy". Confronted with this by Isabel Fraser, Labour's justice spokesperson Richard Baker was literally all over the place, admitting that Labour had got the statistics from press reports from another organisation's conference. That organisation says that they have never claimed the statistics attributed to it.

I just feel that when people are losing their lives, you need to make sure that you totally understand all the facts before you open your mouth. Maybe it's better to leave this one to the experts, who have developed the No Knives Better Lives campaign.

You can see Baker's sorry performance here.

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Martin Veart said...

It was political car-crash television. One could almost feel sorry for Baker if it wasn't for his attempts to persist attempting to back up Labour's ridiculous claim.


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