Sunday, April 03, 2011

Save our Police! #sp11

I have written a lot recently about why I think that SNP, Labour and Tory plans for a single national police force are a very bad idea.

To summarise:

  • it would cost more than it would save initially as these public sector re-organisations always do
  • the chances of resources and jobs being taken from small, rural communities to big cities are very high
  • all the power for law enforcement in the country would be in the hands of the Justice Secretary and one Chief Constable
  • Policing priorities in different communities are very different - just think of Thurso, Campbeltown and Livingston all coming under the same force
If you agree with me, the Highland Liberal Democrats have just launched their own campaign with the obligatory Save our Police page on Facebook. Please join up and encourage others to do so.

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