Monday, April 04, 2011

What the hell have the Lib Dems done? #sp11

Well, you can find out here.

A good counter to the emotive language being thrown at us by the other parties. We shouldn't put up with being the get out of jail free card for the likes of Labour and the SNP - they are flinging mud at us in the hope that they won't be scrutinised on their own record.

Well done to William Summers for coming up with such a simple and effective idea.

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Munguin said...

That was the Lib Dems was it? I know they paid a lot of lip service to it and made many fine speeches. But the Home Secretary continued to defend it and in September last year the immigration minsister Damian Green said he policy was only to minimise detention of children. Not the ringing endorsement that Nick Clegg claimed is it?

But now a High Court has ruled that the UK Border Agency were held to have breached the families’ rights to liberty, privacy and family life (their Article 5 and Article 8 rights), though not Article 3, which relates to inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in January this year. You don't seem to mention that, oddly!

Seems your coalition partners were not so keen on being “influenced” by you until the High Court said they had to.

Really is that is the best you can do? Its no wonder you are behind the Greens in Scotland. Very little indeed to set agains all the broken Lib Dem pledges, promises and manifesto policies.


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