Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, Alex, you're so vain, you probably think this blog is about you - but the Regional Ballot is not #SP11

You walked into the party like you were walking onto a yacht 
Your hair strategically combed over bald bit
Your were eating an apricot 
You had one eye in the camera as you watched yourself orate 
And all the people dreamed that you’d be their First Minister, you’d be their First Minister, and... 

You're so vain, you probably think this song is about you 
You're so vain, I'll bet you think this song is about you 
Don't you? Don't you? 

Well I hear you went up to Musselburgh and your horse naturally won 
Then you flew your Saltire One up to Cunninghame North
To see the total collapse of Labour’s support…………. 

Okay, you get the picture........

I finally got round to opening my ballot papers this morning - I have a postal vote ever since my polling day activity in Chesterfield in 1997 meant that I didn't actually get to vote in Sherwood, the only time I have ever failed to cast a vote) - and, again, felt slightly insulted at the contempt the SNP shows for the Parliament by pretending that the Regional Ballot is all about electing Alex Salmond as First Minister. It's not, actually. It clearly says at the top of the ballot paper that it's about electing "members of the Scottish Parliament for (name of region) Region as outlined in this Statutory Instrument.

The Regional Ballot is not there to elect the First Minister, or to stroke Alex Salmond's ego.It's to make sure that the people get the Parliament they asked for in the way that Westminster doesn't, to make sure that the number of MSPs reflects the proportions of the votes cast for the parties. For the SNP to pretend it's almost a presidential ballot is just plain wrong and they shouldn't deceive the electorate like that.


Unknown said...

I'm not an acronym kind of girl, but I did LOL at this.

cynicalHighlander said...

Meanwhile Tavish sends out a call to his boss "help" I've a fox coming over the headland and I am trying to con the Scots that this election needs me. So his UK boss comes and says he is limiting the damage coming from Westminster.

This is a Scottish election and has dam all to do with a posh boy from over the border as he discounted the SNP interfering in a UK wide election.


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