Thursday, September 30, 2010

Anna (11) writes on destruction of the rainforest

Yesterday Anna came out of school clutching a large brown envelope. I knew it couldn't be Parent Council bumph because it was addressed to both Bob and I, and it wasn't report time.

I opened it and found this handwritten note from the Deputy Head of her School:
Anna's talent for writing came to the fore and she produced a very thought provoking letter. Please ask her to read it aloud to you - you will be very proud.
And I did ask her and she did read it out with such passion that I reckon she'll be good for some Conference speeches in the future.

The letter was to an imaginary CEO of a company which was destroying the rain forest.  Even though it was fake, I was impressed that she wasn't intimidated by authority and was quite happy to say exactly what she thought. This is definitely a good quality, even when the person in authority is me.

Anyway, with her permission, and my thanks to you for letting me have a Proud Mummy moment, her letter is below:
My name is Anna and I am a Primary 7 pupil.
I am absolutely appalled to discover that you are planning to cut down another large area of the Amazon Rainforest, purely for profit. Deforestation is a huge problem, not just for the inhabitants of the jungle but for everyone. There are 137 species of animals and birds becoming extinct every day and it is people like YOU who are responsible. Can't you see that there will be severe, unimaginable consequences if people like you aren't stopped? Doesn't global warming mean anything to you? 
Think about it. If everyone like you cuts down such a large area of forest, then there will be no trees left. When trees go, oxygen goes with them. 
Are you aware of the many forest tribes who will be displaced and losing their culture if you go ahead with this? How could you possibly think this is okay? Imagine you are in their shoes, you are kicked out of your home and your culture is stolen. Are you happy? I should think not!
The rainforest is a lovely place, filled with beautiful creatures. You would not even consider harming it if you had every witnessed the beauty of an ocelot.

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