Monday, September 27, 2010

Dog Poo bins needed on Nellburn Path, Livingston

Friends of our's have recently bought a gorgeous puppy. She is the cutest thing you could ever imagine and she's loved by everyone who comes into contact with her.

Her family are responsible and ensure that they clean up whatever mess this cute bundle of fluff makes when they go out. However, between their house and their children's school, around a 20 minute walk away, there is only one dog poo bin, and that's pretty close to their house.

There used to be two others on that route - one at the railway bridge at the bottom and one at the fork in the path which leads to the Carmondean Centre.

I'm getting in touch with the Council to ask them to replace them as that path is a very popular walk to 3 primary schools and a secondary school and also very popular with dogs and their owners alike.


Keith Legg said...

Makings of a 2012 campaign there, Caron....!

Unknown said...

I don't want to wait for 2 years to get this sorted, Keith:0)


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