Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Total Politics Top Lib Dem Blogs - good for Scots

First of all, a great big thank you to every person who took the time and trouble to vote for me in the Total Politics Blog Poll. It's not as if it's a particularly easy process - it's not just a question of ticking boxes, you actually have to send your own e-mail and work out which blogs you want to vote for. For me it's always something which takes me ages and a great deal of heartache to do because I want to vote for more than 10 blogs.

I was amazed last year to make it into the top ten and I didn't expect to stay there, let alone go up 3 places to number 3.

I hope you don't think I'm ungrateful for not writing this post last night. Yesterday was a horrendously busy day - a morning of writing followed by an afternoon of housework, shopping and cooking, then some phone canvassing before going to a meeting at Anna's school.  More phone calls when I came home and by the end of the day I was knackered and not really fit for anything.

I think that it's great that the full list, available here, contains so many Scots, 10 in total, with 3 in the top 10. I'm glad to see Stephen is keeping my old number 7 place warm as I may need it again some day and Andrew going up 9 places to number 10. And, yes, Stephen counts as Scottish - the cute Greek baby lives in South Korea and he's still in the Scottish lists and both of them will hopefully stay there.

Then there's Fraser rising 13 to 18, James Taylor a new entry at 42, Liberal Youth Scotland going up to 53, Paul Edie at 68, David May at 71 (Total Politics at the time of writing have the wrong link, to a young American blogger), Ian Yuill at 72 and Sanjay Samani at 74.

Overall, gender balance is only slightly better than last year, with one more woman in the top 75. It's progress, but only just. Half the top 75 are new entries, but only six of these are women.

In full, we have me at 3, Jennie at 8, Sara at 9, Lynne Featherstone at 14, swapping places with the Elephant, Steph's Dib Lemming at 25, the fascinating Lib Dem Child at 26 (and like me she's a Twilight fan too), The Divine Ms Duffett at 27, Alix's People's Republic at Mortimer at 30, Spidey at 36, Linda Jack at 41,, Charlotte Henry's Virtually Naked at 46 and  Bridget Fox at 50.

Thank you again. I don't blog to get on lists - I do it because I just like to throw some ideas into the mix and I enjoy it so much - but I'd be telling a big fat lie if I said I wasn't thrilled to bits. Oh, and this is the truth, I have the best readers on the planet.

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