Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Divine Helen Duffett writes for the Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging

Not only is the multi-talented Helen Duffett  busy doing all she does for Liberal Democrat Voice, although I doubt dressing up as Count Packula in a fright wig is one of her roles, she has also written a chapter of  the forthcoming Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging. 

Her subject was Twitter. "Do Tweets win Seats?" she asked in an opening sentence that was exactly 140 characters long. Very clever.

I even get a mention in it as well, although I didn't in Stephen Tall's State of the Lib Dem Blogosphere,  I'm not bitter though as I was in some very good company - there are plenty other Lib Dem blogs written by women who weren't mentioned either, like Spiderplant, Rachel Olgeirsson, Virtually Naked, Singing my SongSara's Always win when you're singing, Ms Duffett herself and Lib Dem Child.  His article was very good, but could have been better with a bit more acknowledgement of the growing number of Lib Dem female bloggers. 

And while I'm on the subject, my copy of Iain Dale's Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging arrived today. I was muchly dischuffed to see that in 20 pages of the chapter Who's Who in political blogging, only 3 women were mentioned, none of them Liberal Democrats. I wouldn't get ideas above my station and think I should be in there, but what about Helen, Sara and Lynne Featherstone? Honestly! 

But going back to Helen's article, it is excellent and very well researched. She's talked to all sorts of people,journalists, bloggers and MPs and her conclusions are well worth a read.

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Malc said...

I'm pretty sure you got a mention in the "State of the Scottish Blogosphere" article...


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