Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Elephant tries to #Riggtheelection

If you do nothing else today, you have to read the lovely Elephant's reasoning for backing Jennie Rigg for President.

Just for starters, I love his scale of preference:

It OUGHT to be, and yet it's actually really easy to place my "one", "two" and "three", with the very important caveat that even my "three" is a sign of very high endorsement.
(For reference, Mr Ed Millipede should come in somewhere in the five to six billion range on this scale. Possibly even lower if humanity should encounter any space aliens!)
Like me, he wasn't impressed with the speech, then!

There is still time to get your nominations to Cowley Street - but you have to either post them tonight or fax them or take them to Party HQ tomorrow.

It's time to #Riggtheelection! 

1 comment:

JohnM said...

I wish I was a Party! I could dismiss that parking fine because - I've changed! This is the new me! I blame the old me - go chase it down!


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