Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Condolences to David Cameron and all who are grieving tonight

Bereavement comes to all of us at some points in our lives. It's horrible and painful, and, whether sudden or expected feels too much to bear. However, most of us are able to hide away in private through it without having the world's media camped on our doorstep.

You would have to be really mean not to feel for David Cameron tonight on the loss of his dad. I feel for the whole family, but probably most of all little Nancy. She is not far from the age I was when my Grandad, who had spent hours telling me stories as I sat on his knee, passed away. I remember being confused and sad and more than anything absolutely petrified about how my Granny was going to cope and whether she would have enough money to live on.

Her little brother is probably at 4 still too little to feel the worst of it, although, of course, he'll be aware of what's going on even if he doesn't really understand what it all means.

The whole family, of course, has already been through the awfulness of losing 6 year old Ivan last year. They seem to be a close and loving family, which is always a good thing.

Sympathy to the Camerons and to anyone else who is coming to terms with the death of someone they loved tonight.

Update: when I wrote this, I hadn't seen Stephen's very moving post on his race to try to be with his father at the end.

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