Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday (almost) Fun: a gift from my daughter

I love my daughter. I'm sure I've told you before that she is beautiful, funny, kind, sweet and loving. And so she is.

She knew how disappointed I was that my nice shiny new iPhone is faulty and has to be sent back (and boo to T-Mobile for not sending the bag to send it back in within 1-2 days as promised.) so she searched on You Tube for something to cheer me. And here it is:

And just to add to my merriment, she reminded me that I don't have an iPad:

In my day, such insolence would have meant bread and water for supper, a very early night and not being able to sit down for a week. However, we are an equal opportunities house, where we have the right to take the mickey out of each other. I will get my revenge!

I am also being instructed to confess to the great wrong I did to her today - a hoovering accident ripped the corner of one of her favourite drawings. I feel really gutted - but she has been very grown up about it. Thankfully some sellotape fixed it, but it's not quite the same.


Anonymous said...

LOL those are hilarious!
And hve you seen

Stephen Glenn said...

You are aware that itif you are going to join the Friday fun posters the appointed hour is 5pm not 5:35.

Tsk, there was me thinking I taught you something about this blogging lark ;)

Unknown said...

Stephen Glenn, who would have thunk you would be such a control freak?:-)

Ray, spaghetti cat is brilliant:-)

Stephen Glenn said...

Tee hee. Well as Mícheál is now doing it at 5pm I was suggesting that you might spread the joy at the end of the working week :)


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