Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Helen Duffett rocks on the radio

I am lying on the couch listening to Petrie Hosken's show on LBC. For a Scottish girl, I spend plenty time catching shows on London radio!

Tonight the Divine Ms Duffett was on with 2 MPs who were so bland and interchangeable that it was hard to tell them apart. Helen added her customary wit & originality to an hour which would otherwise have been very boring indeed.

Two things she said made me laugh. Firstly, she told one of the MPs off for his misuse of Twitter. He had been moaning about how his staff made him join Twitter & how he'd given up cos he was sick of the toilet tweets. Helen rightly told him that he wasn't doing it right.

The panel was discussing whether ministers should be allowed to tweet after William Hague used his Twitter feed to say very robustly that a big lie had been nailed.

Having read the tweet in question, I didn't see what the fuss was about. I decided to have a wee delve round his Twitter cos I've seen plenty tweets from him but none replying to other people. I don't like it when people tweet & don't engage.

Well, Hague certainly seems to have grasped the point of Twitter as last night his feed was full of cheery replies to people. Check it out here.. I'll put the link in later when I have the energy to get to the laptop. (now done)

My other favourite Duffett moment was when she gave a bit of radio publicity to the Facebook campaign for people to put Tony Blair's book into the crime section in bookshops.

I want to see her do a whole radio show with Iain Dale. Or the Come Dine With Me she said she'd like to be on. It would be brilliant fun as they both make me laugh!

If you missed the show, you may be able to download it here from the LBC website.


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