Monday, September 06, 2010

So, farewell then, J Arthur MacNumpty

I was gutted last night when I glanced down my blogroll and saw a post from J Arthur MacNumpty entitled Every start requires an end. Surely another star of the Scottish Political Blogosphere wasn't going to hang up his keyboard........?

MacNumpty is more than a blog - it's an institution that's been with us since November 2005 on the 15th anniversary of Margaret Thatcher's resignation when he came on to the scene proclaiming Ding Dong the witch is gone.  When I met Will at the Florence and Precious Vigil in July, I asked him where he'd got the name from - apparently from a Margo MacDonald Lothian List leaflet in 2003.

Since then, he's provided us with a superb historical account of the Scottish Parliament's decisions in the weekly Sunday Whip and an excellent commentary from a Nationalist perspective with, actually, an undercurrent of liberal thinking.

My howl of "nooooooooo" when reading of the blog's demise thankfully turned into a sigh of relief as I realised that the heart of J Arthur MacNumpty will continue to beat in the Will Patterson Notebook. Make sure you adjust your blogroll and/or RSS feeds.

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