Saturday, September 04, 2010

Will Andy Coulson get a day in Court?

There's all sorts of questions being asked about whether Andy Coulson was aware of phone tapping being carried out by journalists working for him when he was editor of the News of the World.

However the Scotsman reports that it's another investigation carried out by the paper during his tenure which might lead to him appearing in a Scottish Court as a witness in Tommy Sheridan's perjury trial.

One of the shocks of 2006 was then Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan winning £200,000 in libel damages from the News of the World. He and his wife were subsequently charged with Perjury over statements they made during that Court case and face trial in the Autumn. It is the Sheridans' legal team which has apparently requested that the man who's now David Cameron's Head of Communications to attend to answer questions about his role in the News of the World's investigation.

This trial was always going to attract a huge amount of attention north of the border - but now UK journalists may well be fighting over places in the press gallery.

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