Thursday, September 23, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 23 September

A good mix of Lib Dem Conference, Strictly, motorsport, atheist extremism and US politics for you today:

First up, Conference hero Evan Harris' article at Comment is Free about Nick Clegg, fairness and cuts. I agree with a great deal of what he says - although I still say that the impending cuts will be a great deal fairer than they would have been if the Tories had been governing on their own. I also think that there is a fairly major discord between a liberal mindset and a leftie Labour one. I'd never feel comfortable in the Labour Party purely because I couldn't show that amount of conformity to anyone.

Sarah describes her day out watching David Coulthard race in the DTM series at Brands Hatch - from the comfort of corporate hospitality.

Paul Edie expresses his disappointment at the bad news of the US Senate's failure on LGBT service personnel.

I wondered if I could do Evan Harris twice in one posting  and decided that yes, I could, just this once, given that he's outlined exactly what a secularist approach means in the face of the Pope having a go at aggressive secularists.  I particularly like Evan's comment that if you agree with most of it, you may well be a vicar. On the other hand, Charlotte argues that Richard Dawkins may be responsible for atheists becoming more actively disliked. I don't agree with her, but she makes her point well.

And finally, Pamela Stephenson writes about all the gory details of her first appearance on Strictly. Even if you don't like the show, you'll love the way she writes.

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