Monday, September 13, 2010

Brian Paddick applies for judicial review over phone hacking

Former Liberal Democrat London mayoral candidate Brian Paddick is one of up to 5 people asking for a judicial review of the Metropolitan Police's handling of the News of the World phone hacking allegations.

Brian is understandably concerned that his privacy had been compromised and presumably wants to know what the Police knew and when about his case and wants a ruling on whether the Police had a legal obligation to tell him what they suspected.

Everyone has the right to expect that if they're having a private conversation, then the only people who know what is said are those who are party to it. It's none of the state's business, unless under very exceptional circumstances, and it sure as hell is nothing to do with the press. I can't imagine how I'd feel if, for example, the chat I had with Stephen last night had been listened to, or my voicemail messages had been intercepted.

If Brian or anyone else had been on a list of people who, for example, violence was planned against, they would surely have been contacted so that they could take extra precautions to increase their security. The same principle should apply for phone hacking - they should have known because they could then have changed their number or pass codes or whatever it is you do in these circumstances.

The outcome of that judicial review is awaited eagerly.....

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