Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lib Dems and Scots in Total Politics Top 50 UK Blogs

I was thrilled to bits to discover the other day that this trashy tome has made it to number 44 in the Total Politics Blog Poll, up 23 places from last year. Thanks to everyone who voted for my random musings and I hope you'll find more of whatever it was that tickled your fancy over the next year.

I am the last of a line of  4 Scots in the Top 50, headed by Tom Harris at number 8. He's said he'll give up his blog if he makes it into the Shadow Cabinet,which would be a shame on the Doctor Who front at least. Then there's Underdogs Bite Upwards at 32 and Jeff's SNP Tactical Voting at 35. Of course, Jeff is now to be found over at Better Nation.  Also in top 100 are the Cute Greek Baby, Stephen, Two Doctors, Malc and Alex Massie,

As far as the Liberal Democrats are concerned, I'm last of a line of 3 in the top 50 after Liberal Democrat Voice at number 27 (up 3 from last year) and Mark Reckons at 34. In the top 100, there's another 6 of us, Mr Lovely Doctor Chocaholic, Liberal England,  Stephen, Jennie  Sara and Craig Murray. That's up from 7 in the top 100  last year which is good but there's room for plenty more.

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