Monday, September 13, 2010

Insects found in artificial baby milk

Imagine your absolute horror if you've gone to the trouble of sterilising all the various bits and pieces of equipment to make up bottles for your baby, and then find creepy crawlies actually in the milk powder?

I was shocked to see that's what happened to a dad in Derby who describes how he found two beetle like insects in a tub of powdered infant formula.

We are well aware of the risks of formula feeding in places where there isn't a safe, clean water supply, but we don't tend to expect that there'll be any problems in this country.

The manufacturer of the Aptamil milk for extra hungry babies (ok, get the jokes about extra protein out of your system now, please) was at great pains to point out that this was the only complaint of this nature - but one is more than enough.

1 comment:

cynicalHighlander said...

Was this in an unopened packet or was it a hornygalloch (my chickens love them) which had crawled in whilst in the gentlemans control. Just asking.


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