Friday, September 03, 2010

Monster FM: A project to get Inverness youngsters into radio

People in the Inverness area have a new radio station, Monster FM, for the next month, staffed by local young people who've spent many months learning how the world of radio operates. This has been made possible by the charity Moray Firth Media Trust, based at local station Moray Firth Radio. The video above, available here on You Tube, shows some of them at work.

The main reason for me drawing this to your attention is that my lovely niece Laura O'Malley is part of this initiative. Her first show is tomorrow morning between 10.30 and 12 noon.  She's funny, quirky, original, interesting and generally fabulous in my entirely biased opinion so I'm sure she'll provide an entertaining morning.

I have been a fan of local commercial radio station Moray Firth Radio ever since it started in 1982. I remember spending the Easter holidays that year helping decorate my bedroom, which the previous owners of the house had felt necessary to paint haphazardly in a disturbing shade of blue, listening to the likes of Tich McCooey, who is still there!. In fact, thanks to the wonders of broadband, I'm listening to his morning show now.

Proud auntie bit aside, I think this is a fantastic project to give young people the skills they need to pursue a career in radio.

Laura doesn't think that I will be able to listen to her down here, given that it's not being streamed on the internet. I'll certainly try and find her on my DAB radio, but if you're in the Inverness area, make sure you take some time to listen to these talented youngsters. The programme schedule is available here and reproduced below if you happen to have a magnifying glass to hand.

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Laura said...

Oh my gosh!!! I did not know there was a photo of me in that slideshow!!! Bad times.

My show was yesterday - and it just seemed to be a total hour and a half of complete CHAOS!

The band were an hour late, I totally missed the news all the time... But apparently it went ok... In fact, Dad said I sounded really good, apparently...

I've not listened to the show yet - I'm a bit too scared to do that now... But honestly, it was such a blur I can't remember what happened, what I said. I only remember mmy band singing live - which I totally didn't know was going to happen. But it was really good.

I'll send you a cd :)



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