Sunday, September 19, 2010

Jennie's campaign steaming ahead at #LD Conf #Riggtheelection

There is only one of the four Party Presidential candidates who wouldn't get a flea in their ear for waking me up with a phone call.

To be fair on Jennie, it was 9:35 and I should have got my backside of bed long before that.

Anyway, it really lovely to talk to her and to hear about how her Presidential campaign is gathering pace in Liverpool, with the first Parliamentarian signing her nomination form today. She's collecting loads of signatures. I think it's great that our Party has the sort of open structure where any member can have a go at running for high office. That sort of openness is hardwired into our constitution and should be encouraged.

Someone asked her some questions about why she felt she was the best person for the job, and she answered them on her blog here. She went into loads of detail, outlining how she would do the job full time and how she could fulfil each of the 3 roles of President: chairing the Federal Executive, representing the grassroots to the leadership and representing the Party to the outside world.

Her answers are detailed and at times she's more honest about her shortcomings than you'd expect from someone running for political office, which is a good thing, I think. Our politicians need to be allowed to be human beings.

In her answers she promises to be contactable, open and transparent. To me she has a good combination of forthright, feisty plain speaking and the soft skills in terms of team building and negotiation that the job requires.

If you're reading this and you're at Conference, and you're a rep - go and talk to Jennie and sign her papers so we can get her on the ballot.

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