Thursday, September 09, 2010

David Miliband just doesn't get gender equality

Labour leadership candidate David Miliband has been boasting on Twitter about his five point plan for gender equality. Well three of the five points are internal Labour Party stuff, and the other two involve Parliament's working hours and nicking our policy on flexible working and sharing parental leave. He even qualifies that with an "over time".

Nothing about equal pay, tackling employment discrimination, body image issues, portrayal of women in the media, violence against women, all the things tackled in the Real Women policy document debated at last year's Liberal Democrat conference.

In contrast, Miliband's approach seems tokenistic and irrelevant. He really doesn't get it.

This is as good an opportunity as any to tell you of the amusing moment last night when the Elephant shamefacedly announced to Twitter that he'd had an invitation from David Miliband to join his campaign for leader. It must have been that rave review he wrote of Miliband's mentor's memoirs that did it!

My imagination is running wild with images of our fluffy friend holding a house meeting for Miliband. Would he break the control freaky rules and show a Doctor Who dvd? We'll never know.

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