Monday, August 23, 2010

The BOTYs - Best new Liberal Democrat Blog suggestions - and a flaw in the rules?

Last week I promised you a few suggestions for the Lib Dem Blog of the Year awards, to be presented at a glittering, every expense spared ceremony at Party Conference in Liverpool next month.

They will publish their shortlists before Conference, and will make them up from nominations received before the deadline this Friday. You need to e-mail your choices to

The first category I want to feature is that for next new Liberal Democrat blog. I thought I had my nominations for this one all sorted, but Edinburgh Lib Dem Councillor Paul Edie may be wondering why his ears are sore and burny at the moment. It's because I have spent the last ten minutes calling him names of such profanity and depravity that I can't possibly repeat them here. And why? Because he started his excellent blog on 27th August 2009, five days before the date when he'd become eligible, 1st September.

I wonder if there is a bit of a flaw in the system - under the rules,as far as I can see, blogs started in August can never be considered for the Best New Blog award because they miss out on the previous year's because nominations have already closed (and not that they would have had the chance to build up a readership and reputation in a month anyway), and on the next because the cut off date is 1st September. I wonder if this could be revised.

Anyway, Paul's blog is extremely good, reporting on the City of Edinburgh Council's achievements from a Liberal Democrat perspective, and commenting on national issues with the occasional foray into frivolity and football. He would be a worthy winner of the best new blog award.

So too would Jeremy Rowe, who at least waited until October to start his blog, Men in Suits. I like the way he writes with passion, humour and honesty about politics and  very occasionally F1. I hope you note my magnanimity in nominating him after he implied that I was shameless and disgusting..

Nick Thornsby is another new blogger who deserves a mention. He's blogging regularly and was particularly impressive earlier this year on the firestorm created by the Labour Party about the 55% dissolution rule.

In just a couple of months, Rachel Olgeirrson has written some incisive posts on such issues as Sheffield Forgemasters (from a position of knowledge as she comes from Sheffield), the death of David Kelly and this on the 2 week Cancer target, written from her hospital bed as she was being treated for Leukaemia.

Watch this space for some more nominations for the other categories over the next few days.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for suggesting me, Caron. Its much appreciated and put a smile on my face :)

Anonymous said...

Caron, I've only just seen this. Thank you very much for your kind words; it was actually attending the BOTY's last year that provided that final push I needed to start the blog. I didn't realise how much self-discipline is required to keep at it, though - it has given me enormous respect for those who manage to blog once or more every single day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the namecheck, Caron. Loving your work, as always.


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