Saturday, August 21, 2010

Something missing in Blackpool Cenotaph Court Case

The details of the Court case in which Wendy Lewis was prosecuted on public decency offences for actions near the Cenotaph in Blackpool as reported in today's Telegraph make grim reading.  There is clearly no excuse for such behaviour. Unfortunately, alcohol related disruption and violence happens in every town across Britain most nights of the week.

One thing struck me, though, about this case. Wendy Lewis was due to be sentenced for urinating on the Cenotaph and then performing a sex act  while very drunk earlier this year.  She clearly didn't do the sex bit on her own - but what became of the man involved, who, surely, was equally complicit? He was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, but later released, his anonymity intact,  while she has been branded the most disgusting person in Britain by the tabloid press.

There's something not quite right about that. This has put me in mind to re-read Eve was Framed, Helena Kennedy's excellent book which, amongst other things, shows how women are likely to be dealt with much more severely than men in the judicial system for similar offences.


Jae Kay said...

It was something that I thought about too. Why is he not in trouble too? Hmm..

Anonymous said...

I think you should look at the details of the case instead of looking for a conspiracy. She was filmed on CCTV urinating on the cenptaph. I dont think he was captured on CCTV committing any offence. If thats correct then its pretty simple.


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