Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Voyage Round my Blogroll - Part the Fourth

So here's the fourth instalment of the tour of my blogroll.

I first met Cllr Debra Storr at the Scottish Young Social Democrats AGM in Edinburgh in 1985 and she's been a friend ever since. Her departure from the Liberal Democrat and subsequent joining of the Greens will not change that.  I respect the way she's stood up to Donald Trump and fought for her constituents . Her blog title reflects the things she's been called because of her opposition to Trump's plans to spoil a beautiful piece of Aberdeenshire's coastline with a golf course and resort. In this post, she has a go at Tory MP Dominic Rabb for asking his constituents not to send him mass produced e-mails.

JaeKay's Neue Politik will tell you everything you ever want to know about  why equal marriage is a good idea, which is one of the reasons I like him. Another is his barefaced cheek in the small print of each post inviting the "benevolent and generous" to get him something his Amazon wish list. And why not? Blogs don't write themselves...... His blog isn't just about equal marriage though - as this post, outlining the disgraceful ejection of a disabled man from a leisure centre, shows.

Much as it pains me to say it, Tom Harris is on my blogroll more because he generally writes well, makes me laugh and likes Doctor Who than because I need to keep an eye on him because of all the nasty stuff he writes about the Liberal Democrats. He now seems to hate IPSA, the new body who manage the House of Commons even more than he hates us, though. While he may have a point about some things, I think he should try claiming benefits or tax credits for children without supplying birth certificates and see how far he gets. On another subject completely, he's also tackled the Dominic Rabb e-mail issue in his own unique style.

Charlotte Gore may no longer be a Liberal Democrat blogger, but she's still essential reading for me. I agree with her only occasionally, but she puts forward her libertarian views with punch and originality. She's in America at the moment, lamenting about the lack of a kettle in her hotel room.

Jeremy Rowe is a Lib Dem Councillor in Cornwall who is also a huge F1 fan. He describes his Men in Suits blog as  "Essentially it’s just me having a good whinge about the things I like to have a good whinge about". You'd be hard pushed to find a better description of the art of blogging. I liked this post in which he talks about Philip Hollobone's proposed ban on face covering Islamic veils and how it shows that the mad and bad parts of the Conservative Party might be hidden, but they still exist.

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