Thursday, August 12, 2010

Scottish Politics Blogs in Wikio Top 100 - August 2010

The Wikio rankings are out and I'm amazed to see that I've gone up 14 places in the political rankings and am now at an all time high of 32. I will have to work hard to maintain that one -and given that I've been on holiday half this month, I suspect I'll have a rather spectacular fall from grace next month.

The Scottish blogs seem to be falling off again, with only 10 in the top 100. This is slightly more than there were last year, but there are people like Joan McAlpine, Bellgrove Belle and Indygal Goes to Holyrood who should be in there.

So, without further ado, the blogs on Wikio are:

1.  And Another Thing

2.  That Cute Greek Baby

3.  Subrosa

4.  Caron's Musings

5.  Alex Massie

6.  Stephen's Liberal Journal 

7 . SNP Tactical Voting

8.  Underdogs Bite Upwards

9.  Rantin Rab

10. Andrew Reeves' Running Blog

If you have a blog and it isn't registered on Wikio, please let them know about it here.


Unknown said...

Congrats Caron.

Steph Ashley said...

Well done, Caron :)

I've tried to submit my blog as a politics blog a few times over the years, but they insist on categorising it as 'other' instead of 'politics' so I've given up.

Unknown said...

Steph, they did that to me too for a while and after a couple of e-mails from me it was sorted last year sometime. Don't give up. I think Jennie has contacts in Wikio, too, so it might be worth asking for her help.


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