Thursday, August 19, 2010

Do you want to work for Iain Dale?

I actually wrote this this afternoon and scheduled it for later - before I realised that Iain was talking about universal benefits on his LBC Show and I decided to phone in and take part in the discussion, talking about how my husband and I don't need Winter Fuel Allowance and shouldn't get it, and why raising children benefits all of society therefore it's in the State's interests to share some of the costs involved, cos kids sure don't come cheap.

The one they call the egregious Tory Tosser is looking for an Executive Assistant, as his Twitter feed announced to the world this afternoon. The job ad itself made me laugh - it is well put together and pulls no punches about what is expected of the successful applicant:

This role would be ideal for a recent graduate who is looking to make a career in politics or the media and has great organisational skills. You will serve as Iain’s eyes and ears, arranging meetings, providing Iain with relevant information in a wide range of areas, making travel and accommodation arrangements, acting as a gatekeeper, researching issues ahead of media appearances, drafting articles, ensuring Iain is well briefed ahead of all meetings and, from time to time, mind-reading!

And then you have to be "confident and able to accept criticism"

However, you do get the chance to get your retaliation for any future criticism in first as part of the application process involves submitting a "250-500 word critique of Iain’s political blog". 

Because I like to see the good in everyone, I assume that he's trying to find someone with a robust enough character to work well with him, but also to tell him when he's talking bollocks.

Nowhere in the ad does it say you have to be a Tory. I can think of loads of Liberal Democrats who have all the skills for this role and would bring an appropriate amount of irreverence and humour to it. 

If you don't fancy that job, there's another, as an online writer for Total Politics. I have to be honest and say that since I took out my subscription to the rag in February this year, I have thoroughly enjoyed every single issue. It does have everything the political junkie wants, in a range of formats, from interviews to masterclasses to gossipy snippets. However Anna looked through a couple of issues and said there were too many men in suits in it. Can you change that? 


Jennie Rigg said...

I'd rather (continue) living in penury, thank you. Mind you, I might do the critique of his blog, just for fun.

Unknown said...

Now I would pay good money to hide a camera in an office where you worked for Mr Dale to see the dynamics/explosions:-)

Iain Dale said...

Caron, now there's a thought. Dalecam!

Good to have you on the programme this evening!

Jane Chelliah said...

Was there any mention of salary or is he expecting someone to work for the love of serving him?

Unknown said...

Ambitious Mamas, salary is "by agreement". As Iain's looking for a confident, assertive individual capable of representing him in all his various interests, I'd expect that the successful applicant would be a skilful negotiator who would not sell themselves short.

Voter said...

Hey Caron. Would you still vote Lib Dem if they start to restrict child benefit?

Voter said...

By the way, if there is a change I can make to save you time in moderating comments, let me know.


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