Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's my 22nd Wedding Anniversary!

Today is my 22nd wedding anniversary, another year my long suffering husband has put up with me.

Tonight we are going out for dinner, I think to Wagamama.

We met just before Kylie released her first single (I should be so lucky), when Den and Angie were still in EastEnders, when petrol cost  £1.70 a gallon (there are places on the internet that actually tell you that)              and when the Liberals and the SDP were still separate parties - and the SDP were just about to get Robert Maclennan as leader.

These years have passed very quickly............

Anyway, I was lucky enough to find a good man while very young. He's had to have saint like qualities to share his life not only with headstrong, unpredictable, incredibly scatty me, but also the Liberal Democrats. In their entirety. He's had to learn what it's like to spend holidays at by-elections, to have the electoral cycle dictating every aspect of our lives, to have to discuss whatever has enraged me on the internet at my whim when he'd really rather be watching CSI and to deliver lots of leaflets, stuff lots of envelopes and keep me fed during elections when I've just touched base to eat and sleep. Never underestimate the impact of political activism on normal life. Bob, you are a star! Thank you.


meemalee said...

Wow - were you a child bride? :)

Congratulations and here's to at least 22 more xx

Mark Pack said...

Congratulations :) (Though the list of things from 22 years ago makes me feel rather old. Surely they can't be from *22* years ago...)

Unknown said...

Mark, unfortunately it is even longer ago - these things happened in 1987, the year we met. You would have been 17 and not even able to vote.....

MiMi, I was 21, just, which is very, very young to get married. I do love my anniversary, though, precisely cos of comments like your's:-)


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