Friday, August 13, 2010

A lesson in coping with criticism

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

While we were in the cafe at Edinburgh Castle yesterday afternoon, I checked my Blackberry and found this tweet from Tom Harris, Labour MP for Glasgow South:
I see @caronmlindsay's new blog design has a battered LibDem bird being swallowed in a sea of blue. Interesting...,
What he couldn't have anticipated, or I suspect would have wanted, however much he tries to be the pantomime villain as far as the Lib Dems were concerned, was that Anna, who drew the picture in question, was reading over my shoulder. It's safe to say that she was none too pleased, taking particular exception to the battered Lib Dem bird bit. I was proud of her, though. If someone had commented in such a fashion on my work in public at her age, I'd have been devastated and never drawn anything again. She was hurt, but unbowed. Once I explained to her that he was making a political joke rather than insulting her drawing, she was fine.

Just for Mr Harris' benefit, though, he needs to learn the difference between blue and aqua. Anna drew this earlier this year long before the coalition was ever a proposition. I was really pleased that she'd picked up on the Party's new colour scheme without me ever having really talked about it with her.

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