Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Northern Irish charity helps with Winter Fuel costs

Last week I wrote about  how ridiculous I felt it was that we would get the Winter Fuel Allowance next year when we don't need it. Thinking about it further, I had thought that it would be great if rather than just give the money to charity, if the Government was going to insist on giving it to us, we could actually give it to someone in real need, like a family with a disabled child, for example.

Thanks to Micheál, who commented on the original post, I know that this has already been thought of and put into practice by Alliance Party MLA Trevor Lunn. His Winter Fuel Trust is looking for donations from anyone who cares about the issue of fuel fuel poverty, but specifically asks older people who don't depend on this money to give it to someone who does.  If there are similar charities in England, Scotland Wales, let me know - if there isn't, then shouldn't someone set one up?

Since I originally drafted this, Micheál has posted this on the same subject.

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