Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Caron's Corkers - 11th August

While I've been thinking holiday thoughts, others have been producing some fantastic writing. It'll take a few editions to get through the best of the last couple of weeks:

First up tonight, Joan McAlpine asks why Naomi Campbell is getting all the media disapproval while the actual mass murdering megalomaniac on trial is being virtually ignored.

Stephen subjects his "friends" in the American Families Association to a right old fisking in the light of the Proposition 8 Judgement.

Two for the price of one here as the lovely elephant writes about the stigmatisation benefit claimants and links to Jennie's article, which I've also commented on.

Love and Garbage looks at the release of the Lockerbie Bomber one year on.

Steph thinks Gisele Bundchen has it all wrong on breastfeeding.

Cicero wonders how Britain can forge a new role in the world and re-establish our self respect.

And as an aside, I completely missed this virtual hug I got from the Honourable Lady Mark because I was on holiday at the time. In the interests of tranparency, I should tell you that I noticed it after I had voted for him in Jennie's Best Beardy Blogger award. Don't forget she has loads of interesting categories, with all sorts of confusing closing dates, so don't miss your chance to vote.  I would like to pass on the hugs to Cllr Folkes on the occasion of his 1000th post.

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