Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Voyage Round my Blogroll - Part the Fifth

It's time for the next gripping instalment of my journey round my BlogRoll, so you can learn a bit more about the people whose blogs I read regularly.

Cicero's Songs is a must read for me, particularly about international affairs and when I need to understand how international finance works. I was at university with the author and I was completely in awe of how someone just a year or so older than me could have such an amazing grasp of the way the world works when I first met him. He is even more passionate now about the Baltic states and writes here about Estonia's preparations to enter the Euro. And I loved his riposte to the US Senator who thinks his Committee can summon anyone it likes to testify about the Lockerbie Bombing.

Red Meg isn't nearly as fearsome as she sounds, but she does write very well. She chaired a hustings where Stephen was a candidate during the General Election. He siaid that she did so very fairly and he had no idea that she was a Labour supporter until they met at a subsequent event. Anyway, we have since become acquainted on Twitter and where we often differ on policy, we are at one on the important issues of Colin Firth and chocolate.  We do, however, agree on the failure of the CPS to prosecute anyone in relation to the events surrounding Ian Tomlinson'sdeath, a decision I find startling.

Cllr Fraser MacPherson has built an amazing campaign team in Dundee since his surprise election to the Council  just short of 9 years ago. I love the way his blog veers from local events, like this notice about roadworks in his ward to having a well deserved go at the SNP both locally and nationally and then all of a sudden he'll give us some music to chill out to.

I first came across Rachel Olgeirsson on Twitter and I was delighted that she started her own blog recently. She comes from Sheffield and had a good go at the Labour Party for its vitriol over the Sheffield Forgemasters issue.

Sarah Green is one of the lovely people on Twitter who helps to make F1 weekends so enjoyable. She is an even bigger Michael Schumacher fan than I am and recently realised her 16 year old dream to meet him - and look what she got.......... She is also a huge fan of lots of things that interest me, including Doctor Who and Twilight.  She is probably more than a little bit responsible for my recent conversion to the Apple way of doing things, having ignited my iPad envy. Here she is talking about her's on the radio.

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Stephen Glenn said...

To be fair I wasn't the actual candidate mere as his agent stepping in.


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