Sunday, June 14, 2009

Americans think Alex Salmond flippant and brash

Americans are not known for being backward at coming forward so it's highly amusing that files released under Freedom of Information and obtained by the Sunday Herald reveal that US consular officials thought him "flippant, brash and (an even worse insult in US terms than being called a liberal) a self confessed socialist."

To be fair to Salmond, they also described him as a dazzling debater, charismatic and the SNP's best electoral asset, none of which even his most implacable opponents could put up much of an argument against.

Salmond's spin doctor's response to this was to claim that if the consulate staff had a vote, they would have used it for him. I presume that was said with tongue wedged firmly in cheek!

It's quite funny that the information that the Herald has reproduced has effectively been the tittle tattle. I can't imagine that the Nationalists' participation in peace demos and opposition to nuclear weapons at Faslane (both stances I support, so I'm not slagging them) would have done anything other than freak a Republican administration out completely and the article glosses over this - unless there's more to come.

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Anonymous said...

So how do think the Liberals propose to get a mandate for their version of the Calman recommendations tomorrow?

Answers on a postcard to the Laird of Bressay, PO BOX -14%

subrosa said...

It's well known that Alex Salmond had very serious back problems and they contributed greatly to his standing down.

I await the Calman Commission's report but from what I've heard that we're going to be given only one third of the taxes we raise, that's nothing but an insult quite frankly.


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