Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Breaking News - Lib Dems will not replace Trident

I do love Lib Dem Voice - they can have a big sloppy kiss instead of a hat tip (actually, they might prefer beer, so shall we settle on a pint?) for announcing that Nick Clegg has said that the Liberal Democrats will not replace Trident.

I am ecstatic because I have been a long time opponent of us having a nuclear deterrent at all for all sorts of reasons - morally, I don't think it's right that we should have such weapons of mass destruction, I don't think that an expensive new missile system is the answer to the security issues we face today and, frankly, I can think of much better things to spend our money on.

I know that logically I should be a bit cross because the party leadership has announced a fairly major change in policy and I don't know how much consultation has gone on and we have to remember that we are a democratic party with a sovereign policy making conference that puts the shams the others have to shame - but I'm not, really, that angry. Party leaders always at some point pull the rug from under us with a shock announcement - I'm just not used to one doing it on issues I agree with.

I also think that the Conference, to be honest, would back Nick up on this - he's been pretty good as leader at sussing out the mood of the party and not treating it as if it's some minor irritation he can brush off.

But enough of the internal stuff. The Lib Dems have once again shown that they are prepared to stand up and make the tough decisions that the country needs. The entire leadership team have made so many good calls - on issues from Gaza, to MP's expenses, to the £700 tax cut for the most needy households, to Vince's Economic Recovery Plan. Nick and the whole Parliamentary team have shown that they have pragmatic and relevant solutions to the challenges facing the country on all sorts of issues.

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