Saturday, June 06, 2009

Saturday Morning Fun

I've dragged myself from warm bed to snuggle up on sofa with my laptop and a cup of Earl Grey to watch the final practice session from the Turkish Grand Prix at Istanbul Park, somewhat perturbed by the Brawn boys' struggles yesterday. Any generosity of spirit towards Rubens Barrichello or the Ferraris has disappeared as I like the idea of Jenson equalling Schumacher's record of 6 wins out of the first races and hope that the car works better today than it did yesterday when both Brawn boys were complaining about grip.

Anyway, am slightly annoyed with the hamster who seems to have forgotten that he's nocturnal and is currently running in his wheel which he has stuffed with hamster muesli. Of course, I guess there's a counter argument that I'm subjecting him to the noise of racing cars which might stop him sleeping....

Anyway, a bit of fun from this week's Dunfermline Press, which reports on how Dunfermline Councillor Willie Sullivan's training for the famous Kelty coal carrying race was hampered when a thief stole his bag of coal. Cllr Sullivan is running the race for charity and has been sponsored by fellow competitor Willie Rennie MP, who has also given him some fairly sensible tips for how to prepare for the race.

Personally I can't imagine wanting to run a kilometre up hill under any circumstances, but doing it with a hundredweight of coal on your back is either brave or foolish - or possibly both.

Obviously I am backing Willie Rennie to win - and given his previous form (he's finished second and third in the past), I think it's a reasonable bet.

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