Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Why voting Lib Dem on Thursday is a good idea

Well, of course I'm going to recommend that you vote Lib Dem - my viewpoint is not what you would call objective given that I've been involved in Liberal politics for over quarter of a century.

You might want to listen to these people, though.

That's a fair amount of praise for the Party won not only because of things Nick and Vince has said in the past few days - but because of things they and their predecessors have been saying for years about economic responsility, the environment, open government and empowering people for decades.

I'll give the last word to the Independent from yesterday

"But it is the Liberal Democrats who have been the most consistently constructive British party on the European Union, a stance which has given their honest criticisms of Brussels' shortcomings all the more credibility.

Yet party considerations aside, the imperative this week is participation. Decisions taken in the cockpit of European democracy will affect all our lives. We hope that Britons will be able briefly to raise their eyes this week from the row over MPs' expenses and cast their vote with some of the grave challenges facing us all, as Europeans, in mind."

LibDig This!

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