Thursday, June 18, 2009

PETA attack Obama for swatting fly

Well, I suppose it's one way of getting publicity - sending the most powerful man in the world a humane bug killer after he was filmed swatting a fly on tv. Trouble is, most people who read the story will laugh at PETA so when it does come up with something sensible, the credibility of its message will be somewhat diminished.

Flies are disease ridden pests. I wouldn't want one flying around my head. PETA really should get over it.

This brings to mind a rather expletive filled posting from the charming Mr Eugenides earlier this year. When my daughter's teacher advised us to continue to expose her to a wide range of reading materials, I doubt his blog is what she had in mind, but Anna did read that posting about PETA asking the Pet Shop Boys to change their name to the Rescue Shelter Boys to aid animal welfare. Anna is the most fervent animal rights loving child you could ever find, but even she saw the humour in Mr E's posting. We did, however, have a chat about how there was never any chance that the Pet Shop Boys would ever change their name, but how PETA had managed to get the cause of animal shelters lots of free publicity.

And before you dismiss me as completely heartless and uncaring about our animal friends, bear in mind that I'm typing this with a cute baby bunny sitting on my chest!

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Costigan Quist said...

PETA have a seemingly unique ability to make every single thing they do utterly idiotic.

My favourite was their (still ongoing) campaign to rename fish as "sea kittens"- you wouldn't drag kittens out of the sea and eat them would you?

(Answer - if they were tasty, you bet I would).

Unknown said...

Maybe not every single thing, but at least 80% of what they do is ridiculous! Occasionally they have a point - eg over fur and there are serious animal welfare issues, like the treatment of chickens for a start, but it's difficult to take them seriously when they come out with such tripe.

I have no objection to eating animals, but I do like to be sure that they have had a reasonable quality of life first.

I'm with you on the sea kittens thing.

My daughter is completely disgusted that I would quite cheerfully eat lamb. I'm not allowed it at home - I can't cope with the disapproval of my entire family, but she caught me with a lamb chop at a friend's barbecue the other day and was not at all impressed.

Andrew said...

"Two lots of Sea-Kitten and chips, please mate, and perhaps a battered lake-puppy to be eating on the way home"

It would at least make trips to the chippy more interesting.

Unknown said...

rofl maoooo Obama needs to take the kacha bug bullshit that they sent him and smack another fly with it... i bet itd break after just 1 use =/ about as flimsy as peta's rhetoric. check out the vid where the prez hits the fly at


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