Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Nick Clegg talks to the Guardian

Have a good read of this interview in yesterday's Guardian. No wonder they had nice things to say about us in their editorial today.

For me the best thing is the way in which interviewer Decca Aikenhead spelled out absolutely that Nick Clegg and David Cameron are completely different, because I'm sick to death of people who should know better trying to cast them in the same light:

"In all our conversations, Clegg says nothing that could have come from Cameron's mouth. There is little discernible similarity as a character either; any confusion between the two men would require, for one thing, almost total ignorance of our class system, for Clegg's Eurocentric internationalism - his mother was Dutch, his home life is bilingual, he used to work for the European commission - places him on a different planet from the sloaney Englishness of the Tory leader. He is a quintessential Liberal, and on issues from ID cards to the environment can plausibly claim to be ahead of the curve."

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