Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sarah and the Brawn GP Boys

I've mentioned Sarah, one of the stars of the F1 Twitterverse before. She's the one who designed the Save F1 - Max Out avatar that many of us have used and adapted. It was quite fun to get messages from friends who don't follow F1 on Friday, when the breakaway series was announced, saying that now they realised what it was all about!

Anyway, she was lucky enough to spend Sunday, British Grand Prix day, at a party at Brawn GP HQ and got to meet Ross Brawn and Rubens Barrichello later. She's written up her experience here which also has a link to her many photos of stars, trophies and the famous car (or at least a model of it)!

I will confess to a certain amount of sheer jealousy, but also gratitude that she was good enough to share her insights with the rest of us.

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