Monday, June 15, 2009

Today's the day for Jim Devine

As I wrote last week, my own MP (and I don't say that with any pride, believe you me) is up before Labour's star chamber because of certain discrepancies with his expenses.

Since last week, the Sunday Herald have spent more time and money trying to track down the 66m of shelving Jim Devine's pub landlard received over £2000 out of office expenses to build. They were shown some potential suspects in the basement of a Blackburn pub, but they are not so sure these are the ones.

Also, the local Labour Party backed Devine after hearing his explanation that the shelves were in the basement of the pub and being used, against the rules, to store Labour party election tat.

As a concerned constituent I wrote to Jim Devine last week, asking him 3 questions I had about his expenses, taking pains to point out that I held the view that most MPs were good people and that I was aware that you couldn't necessarily believe everything you read in the papers. I got a reply to the effect that I would get my answers next week.

It seems that today is the day, though - the star chamber will give its verdict on whether he should be allowed to be a Labour candidate at the next election.

Their conclusion will be interesting - and if they do allow him to stand, I hope we will be allowed to see all the evidence on which they based their decision. I think we at least need to know what happened to the shelves and to have evidence, via withdrawals from bank accounts or whatever, that Jim Devine did, as he said, pay cash for the rewiring of his London flat to the company which then gave him an invoice with false details.

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