Sunday, June 07, 2009

Euro Results - First impressions

I will not last much longer tonight because I'm not feeling very well - way too much excitement for me to cope with. The one result I don't want to find out is the Apprentice one, but I doubt I'll be able to avoid that.

This is just a snapshot of how things are at the moment.

Anyway, I am so delighted that Fiona Hall has kept her seat for the Lib Dems in the North East of England. It was the only region, I think, not to elect a Lib Dem in 1999 so her place was not secure by any manner of means. It's a great result for us.

I'm hearing rumours that we are doing reasonably in both Fife and Perth and Kinross -with Labour clinging on to a wafer thin lead in Fife over the SNP. Labour seem resigned to losing one of their MEPs and word on the ground say that the Greens are doing well in Glasgow.

Also good news is that the Lib Dems topped the poll in Burnley where the BNP were expected to do well and it looks like the odious Nick Griffin is not going to get a seat. I read on Twitter that he had arrived at the count in a Japanese car so it's clear that he doesn't even understand the vile message of hate and division that he spreads.

It all seems very patchy - the Labour vote in Leicester has actually gone up. The Tories are apparently 4th in Islington and Haringey and we seem to be holding our own pretty well.

Just seen a weird interview with Glenys Kinnock on Sky News - Adam Boulton was trying to pin her down on exactly whether she's a minister or an MEP or a member of the House of Lords or not. She says she only got the call from Brown which came out of the blue just before Gordon's press conference. Apparently she's sitting out her mandate as an MEP until July, won't be drawing a ministerial salary but will be a minister but not a member of the House of Lords. Clear? I think not.

Just heard via Stephen Glenn that we were beaten into 5th place in Falkirk by only 6 votes.

As rumoured earlier, Labour could only muster just over 8000 votes in Cornwall, coming 6th behind even the Cornish nationalists. We are third, but I guess we have to remember how many MPs we have in Cornwall who were elected a year after the last Euro poll in 2004.

No doubt things will be clearer in the morning. I hope that we will have done enough across Scotland to have elected George Lyon as MEP. Certainly the party has run the most active and positive campaign in Scotland that I have ever seen and whatever happens, I think we can be proud of the huge effort that was put in.

I'm off to bed before I completely collapse in a heap - so will catch up with you all tomorrow.

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